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HST Energy, sustainable solutions

We consume energy each and every day. But energy is expensive and has a lot of influence on our environment. We at HST Energy strive for a sustainable, cleaner and energetic world.

Sustainable energy generated from the sun, wind and traditional sources ensure that we work together with our customers on a cleaner world. HST Energy is a reliable and progressive provider in the field of installation technology and sustainable energy. With our innovative character we ensure that you can enjoy your home or business premises at any time. You and the drive towards sustainability are central in our business operations.

With our knowledge and experience in the field of installation technology and sustainable energy, we want to support you in this process. Together we will find the most sustainable profitable solutions in which existing installations are linked to the newest technologies.

01Mar 18

The Wind Factory changed to HST Energy

From today our trade name will be changed from The Wind Factory UK Ltd. to HST Energy. With our new corporate identity we want to create one look & feel…

31Oct 17

Revision of wind turbines

Many wind turbines owners wonder how to proceed with their wind turbine in the future. That can have several reasons, which we understand. There is often no possibility to scale…

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