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Sustainable solutions

HST Energy

HST Energy is a reliable and progressive provider in the field of installation technology and sustainable energy. With our innovative character we ensure that you can always enjoy your home and business premises. You and the drive towards sustainability are central to us.

We support you with our knowledge and experience in the field of installation technology and sustainable energy. Together we look for sustainable profitable solutions in which existing installation are linked to the newest technologies.

Since 1936...

The company was founded by the Hoekstra family in 1936 as a regional smithy and, through various generations, has grown into a service provider in the field of sustainable installations in solar energy, wind energy, installation technology and bio-installation technologies. The company has years of experience in installing new buildings and renovations, and is fully engaged in innovation in the field of sustainable energy.

Since 2011 HST Energy has its own maintenance company in Northern Ireland. With this location we can serve the fast growing market of wind turbines in England and Ireland.



HST Energy strives for sustainability and the offering of sustainable solutions and feels that it has a social responsibility.

Our mission is to offer you, your children and others a sustainable future in collaboration with our customers.

Quality/ Safety

According to HST Energy, the safety of their employees and clients is most important. Therefore the possibility to fall or to have a physical overload should be limited. That is why we take steps towards more safety, such as fall protection, the alignment of technicians and the use of elevators to bring up heavy equipment. We also ensure that all our materials, tools, scaffolding and ladders are inspected and in order. Mechanics who work on roofs are never alone or unattended.

HST Energy is certified in the context of safety and quality: SCC**, BRL,  ISO-9001 and ISO 14001. This guarantees attention for safe procedures and safe behaviour in the interest of both the employee and client.

In order to guarantee the quality of our employees, we offer various training options. We ensure that every employee obtains and retains the required certificates. Together with each of our employees we look at personal training wishes. By means of a training plan we ensure that all our employees can work at the right level.


The vision of HST Energy is to support customers with our expertise in the field of installation, service and maintenance in the always changing industry. We aim for satisfied customers and to move towards a more sustainable world. In order to achieve this, HST Energy provides affordable and cost-effective “full-service” solutions with regard to wind, solar, and bio- energy and installation technology.

HST Energy is since 2017 part of the French listed company Groupe Gorgé S.A.,
a family company that was founded in 1990 by Jean-Pierre Gorgé.  



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