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HST Energy is a reliable and progressive provider in the field of installation technology and sustainable energy. With our innovative character, we ensure that you can enjoy your home or business premise at any time. You and the drive towards sustainability are central in our business operations. Sustainable energy generated from the sun and wind ensures that we work together with our clients towards a cleaner world.
How can HST Energy help you towards a more sustainable life? The different divisions in which we offer comfort are HST Solar, HST Wind, HST Bio and HST Installation Technology.

HST Solar

One of the most common renewable energy sources is solar energy. Here you use the always shining sun. This solar energy can be converted into both electricity and heat.
Solar electricity is converted into electricity through an inverter. The converted electricity can be used in your home or business premises. When you generate more solar energy than you consume, you can store this energy or return it to your electricity grid. Solar heat, on the other hand, can be used to heat up water or a room.
The process of converting solar energy starts with the installation of solar panels and solar boilers. These techniques are installed on the roof of your home or business premises, reducing your carbon footprint and saving on energy costs.


HST Wind

Besides the fact that the sun always shines, we live in a country where the wind blows often. This wind can be converted into energy by means of a wind turbine.  The wind makes the blades of the wind turbine turn. The turning of the blades causes the axis to move. Through a generator this wind will be converted into electricity.  This whole process happens in the wind turbine. This electricity flows into your home or business premises via cables.


A lot of energy is used in the business operations of a farmer. This is visible in the energy costs. From a cost-saving point of view, many farmers are looking for forms of sustainable business operations. Collaboration is necessary to realise these goals. Specific sustainable solutions and techniques help you to save energy and thereby reduce the costs.


HST Installation Technology

As a result of our drive towards sustainability and our progressive vision, we are a total provider.  Through years of experience in installation technology we help you from design to installation. Together with you we will look for a suitable total solution. This should offer you comfort, but above all savings on your energy costs of your home or business premises.

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