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Revision of wind turbines

Many wind turbines owners wonder how to proceed with their wind turbine in the future. That can have several reasons, which we understand. There is often no possibility to scale up to a larger park or to place a larger wind turbine at the existing location. That is why we support you in this entire process. Together we will look for the right interpretation of the wind turbine for the future. Here we look at the current condition and age of the wind turbine and the future perspective.

Our experience shows that for wind turbines of 400 kW and higher a complete overhaul can be very profitable for the owners. When the situation arises that an overhaul brings a good future perspective for your wind turbine, it can be financed at low interest rates. This makes the return on your investment as high as possible.

If you are interested in more information about a revision on your wind turbine, or an assessment of your specific situation, feel free to contact us.

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