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The future of HST Energy

HST Energy is busy expanding its existing activities, but also with new developments such as increasing volume by looking for collaborations with similar companies, installation of wind turbines internationally and the development of a new maintenance plan for offshore wind turbines.

By entering into partnerships and using the qualities of other (similar) companies, we can expand our knowledge and broaden the market segment we have been working in for years. Step by step we form a new basis in this way to further expand our activities, and together with Groupe Gorgé / Vigians form a solid basis to enter new markets!

HST Energy is successfully active in Great Britain with the installation and maintenance of wind turbines. We intend to expand the activities to other countries, in Europe, but also outside of Europe. A concept that fits seamlessly with this is the maintenance plan for offshore wind turbines, with which we want to expand our activities in the offshore wind turbine market. The basis for a good maintenance plan is the ‘preventive maintenance planning’ and the ‘logistics plan’ which is in line with this. The possibilities will be further investigated. The focus will first be on the training and acquisition of wind turbine technicians, the development of various tools that are necessary to be able to continue the maintenance work safely in bad weather at sea, and also the design of a good logistics plan, including cooperation with several companies.

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