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Safety comes first at HST Energy! We are proud to announce that since July 2017 we are no longer only SCC *, but now also SCC ** certified. This guarantees attention to safe procedures and safe behavior in the interest of both the employee and the client. A SCC auditor has checked whether we comply with all safety, health and environmental requirements that apply to SCC **. We looked at our management system and visited various work locations. We have passed the test and of course we are proud to announce!

At the end of 2017 we will be ISO-9001, ISO 14001 and BRL 6000-AB, special parts -01, -02, -02c, -03, -03c, -04 to 08 and -16 certified. This means that we made standards for managing quality and environmental aspects within our organization, and our processes are continuously improved. These standards are recognized and accepted both nationally and internationally, which means that HST Energy can serve its clients at a higher level.

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